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Growth is an Instagram Marketing Service provided by Codevelop Technologies, our digital agency based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Our team

Our Team

Our talented team will grow
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yan schuppli codevelop

Yan Schuppli

Founder & Developer

Understanding how new technologies and platforms are set up is what makes Yan believe in Instagram Growth. You don’t have to buy followers to grow your account but make people want to join your community and stay. He believes in long-lasting partnerships and that together as a team sustainable growth is possible.

anderson santana - codevelop technologies

Anderson Santana

Digital Marketing Specialist

Anderson is the calm backbone of Codevelop. His passion for Digital Marketing brought him to Switzerland in 2012. The ability to analyse and present facts is one of his key competencies and makes it more accessible for everyone.

Daniela Waechter - Codevelop Technologies

Daniela Waechter

Marketing & Communication Specialist

Sparking with enthusiasm is Daniela’s special talent. It’s rarely quiet around her, but her creativity gives Codevelop the extra spark. Daniela has proven that real enthusiasm can be contagious and why we believe in organic growth on Instagram.

nicolai zaccariello - codevelop technologies

Nicolai Zaccariello

Key Account Manager

Nicolai loves meeting new people and to socialise. Personal contact and interaction with the customer are very important to him and he tries to convey this line of thought on Instagram. His wine blog is the perfect example that digitalisation and automation don’t mean less authenticity but rather create new opportunities.

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