FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Choose a plan that best suits your needs and click Get Started. Afterwards you can fill out the form and send it to us. We will contact you via mail with further information.

How expensive is it?

Visit our pricing plans to get more info and find a plan that suits your needs!

Is my account secure?

Yes, Codevelop Growth is run by real people. We are a social media marketing agency. Therefore our activity does not differ from the way you normally use Instagram. We will work within the limits set by Instagram to ensure increased security.

Can I use my account while your service is running?

Yes, we recommend that you continue to use your account and post regularly. The more active you are, the easier our work will be. We do the busy work while you do what you do best!

Are the followers real?

Yes, absolutely! An account manager is constantly working on your account using various Instagram Marketing tactics to attract real, interested followers. If you are interested in buying followers, likes or comments, we are NOT the right company for you.

Do I have to enter my username and password?

Yes, access to your account is required because we log into your account from a different location or IP address. You may receive a security message from Instagram. However, we will notify you in advance when we log into your account so that you can be sure that it is our team.

Is my password secure?

Our system only needs it for verification and it is automatically connected to Instagram’s API so that no one from our team has access to your login information. Your Instagram account is connected to your email address and phone number. Therefore, absolutely no one can change your password without Instagram alerting you and asking you for permission.

How will your team grow my account?

Using various marketing tactics, we identify and target specific users who will most likely follow your profile and interact with your content or purchase products from you. Such activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Targeting – by analyzing competitors, similar accounts, hashtags and locations, we can identify a target list of users for growth activities.
  • Follow / Unfollow – We will follow accounts and unfollow non-interacting users again. Because we only follow users who fit your target audience, these are all high quality, valuable users who are likely to engage with your brand or account. This is by far the most effective way to grow your account.
  • Likes – If you wish, we can like photos of users. This can encourage users to visit and follow your profile.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time for the end of the month by email. There are no hidden fees or charges.

How often should I post?

To accelerate growth, we recommend posting high quality images to your profile. We ask for at least 10 photos per month. Optimal would be 20 pictures per month (1 post per weekday) to achieve a higher growth rate. Instagram gives preference to active accounts.

Do you buy followers?

Absolutely not. Our growth process interacts with real people who have been identified by Codevelop Growth as real potential followers and customers. We generally warn against using such shortcuts, as they only damage the reputation of your profile and therefore your engagement rate decreases.

Why do you need my Instagram login information?

Your login information (username and password) is required to connect to Instagram. We will never login to your account using the Instagram app.

Why don't I see any results yet?

Our team needs a few days to optimize the system. The first day is usually reserved to discuss your form with the team, develop a target strategy and define your target group. After the warm-up period of your account, your reach will increase weekly.

Can I still comment on posts and reply to comments?

Absolutely. Interacting with your followers is very important. Therefore, we recommend that you actively respond to comments.

Can you post content for me?

Our monthly growth service requires that you publish your own pictures. Successful accounts are those that often post content that is as unique and inspiring as your personal brand. If you are interested in having an Instagram expert team to post and create content for you, check out our Enterprise Offer.

What is the problem with spam and fake bots on Instagram?

As the Instagram platform becomes more popular, it also becomes the target of spammers and bots. If your account gets more attention, you can attract a few spam accounts here and there. They can be annoying, so we recommend that you simply block them (our service will automatically ignore them and similar users from that point on).  Also, if you notice any keywords that keep bothering you, please let your account manager know immediately so we can make adjustments.